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Would having less to balance lead to more growth?



It’s likely that you are doing plenty in your life. You may even be doing too much. Too much of what? That is a question that I think is important to ask ourselves. So, what am I doing? Where is that taking me? ~Ben McLellan, owner of Underground Studios in Watertown, MA

I wonder about this more and more lately. For years, I was satisfied with the balance of my career, running and yoga. I knew there wasn’t room for everything I wanted to do, but I accepted that as fact for those who work 40+ hours a week. So I’d trade out yoga for when I was enrolled in a writing class or I’d ramp up my yoga practice during the winter months when I ran less. I remember a friend years ago joking that he was mediocre at everything and totally ok with that. Dabbling in everything made him happy.

Happiness is all that really matters.

And I am so, so happy.

But I still flirt with a desire to go deeper lately. A desire for my life to feel less compartmentalized. A desire to have the time and energy to learn and grow. What would that be like? Who would I grow into? Through my blogging, I always explore how to fit it all in. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to fit in less.


P.S. For more from Ben, visit his blog!

2 thoughts on “Would having less to balance lead to more growth?

  1. I love this post. I have these thoughts all the time, and while I believe every piece to my personal puzzle makes me happy, sometimes it wonder which areas hold me back from thriving at others. I’m glad you wrote about this. Thanks for the food for thought.

    • Thanks for the comment, Martha B. Sounds like we are on the same page. Would it lead to more or less happiness to give up one facet of life to improve at another? Is improving that important? I have more questions than answers right now!

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